And the world comes calling …

I had my biggest haul Yet – 14 postcards yesterday and 3 on Thursday πŸ™‚

I received 4 postcards from Andreas in Germany. We have been swapping postcards for months and he always manages to surprise me with the beautiful postcards he sends me πŸ™‚

PC0016Β  Β  Β  Β PC0015

DS Andreas 01Β  Β Β DS Andreas 02

I also received a postcard from Elma in Cambodia. it was sent to India first πŸ™‚

DS Elma 01

Next up is 5 cards from Ada in Poland – 2 cards are vintage. She lives in a town called Olsztyn.

PC0007Β  Β  Β Β PC0008

PC0005Β  Β  Β Β PC0003


She also sent me a beautiful fridge magnet πŸ™‚


The I got an interesting card from Zoey living in China. I mentioned that I love Chinese cuisine. So she sent me a postcard showing a picture of Shredded Pork with Garlic Sauce πŸ™‚


Next was Hellevi from Finland. I love snow pictures πŸ™‚


I also received a new postcard from my penpal Dagmar living in Germany.


Then Elisa living in Hellevoetsluis in the Netherlands sent me a card.


Minli from Guangzhou in China sent me this beautiful card of the Presidential Villa.


Svenja from Germany sent me a homemade card showing their new cityhall – it is only 100 years old πŸ™‚


And then Carrick send me a card from California USA showing a Redwood forest.


And there you have it – the world in 17 postcards πŸ™‚


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China with presents

well this week finally brought some new postcards – I must admit I hate the waiting. I received some stunning postcards through direct swaps – all from China. And each one had a little surprise πŸ™‚

The first one was from Karen in China. And again I have to say that China has got the most beautiful envelopes…

Karen Envelope

I told herΒ I liked Chinese theater so she sent me two postcards showing theater characters.

DS Karen 05 DS Karen 04

She also sent me a postcard showing the National Center for Performing Arts.

DS Karen 03

The next postcard shows the Longmen Grottoes.

DS Karen 01

Her last postcard shows the Square of the Great Harmony Gate. I do love Chinese architecture.

DS Karen 02


And now for my surprise – a mask from Chinese theater – which is now hanging over my bed πŸ™‚

Karen Chinese Theatre

My next set of postcards came from Sindy – also living in China. And again the envelope is beautiful.

Sindy Envelope


As a surprise she sent me some sweets from China. And yes I ate them all πŸ™‚

Sindy Sweets

She also sent a postcard showing the ancient Chinese pattern for happiness – which was quite interesting.

DS Sindy 01

The second postcard shows a park In Beijing.

Ds Sindy 02

This was a good week postcard-wise – but where is some Postcrossing postcards 😦

I am off for a week so will be spending it looking for more direct swaps πŸ™‚

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Italy and Malaysia

Received three Direct Swap cards today πŸ™‚ The first one was from Gian Luca living in Cuneo, Italy. It shows a monument to Giuseppe Barbaroux.

DS Gian Luca


I also received two postcards from Zie in Malaysia. She wrote me some Jawi script and she also wrote my name in Jawi – really cool πŸ™‚

Jawi Script Name from Zie


Jawi Script from Zie

The first postcard shows an aboriginal village. It looks so peaceful that I can definitely understand living there.

DS Zie 2


The second postcard shows a mosque built in 1907. Malaysia us definitely on my to-visit list πŸ™‚

DS Zie 1


So slowly but surely my postcards are arriving again. Hopefully next week we will be back on track πŸ™‚

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Finally – mail !!!!

I was so happy when I got home – postcards πŸ™‚ I received 6 direct swap postcards – the drought is over – the withdrawal symptoms disappeared and the sun came out πŸ™‚ Dramatic I know …

I received the following card from Valentina in India – it shows the people of Rajasthan. The colors are beautiful.

DS Valentina


I also received two postcards from Alex in Czech Republic. The first one shows St. Barbara’s Cathedral.

DS Alex 2


The second postcard shows the Charles Bridge in Prague. What beautiful buildings!

DS Alex 1


I also received this beautiful card from Jennifer living in Taiwan.

DS Jennifer


I received this beautiful card from Cathy in Luxembourg.

DS Cathy


And last but definitely not least – Uwe from Germany sent me this card of Dresden.

DS Uwe


So happy days are here again πŸ™‚

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Strikes :(

It is so frustrating – South Africa is in the middle of our ‘strike period’ – which means very little mail – and NO postcards. Needless to say at the moment I am climbing the walls. The only good thing is when they start working again I should receive lots and lots – but until then – grrrrrrrrrrr

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Direct swaps from China, Ukraine and Czech Republic

Well tomorrow school starts for the kids but unfortunately we teachers have been busy for two days already. BUT I was very happy when I got home as I received a whole envelope full of postcards from China. The postcrosser – her name is Reeds – swapped 5 postcards with me. And she also added a sixth one just as a surprise.

The envelope was just a beautiful and I had to share it.

China Envelope Reeds

The first postcard is a painting from a Japanese artist.

DS China Reeds 04

The next one is a religious painting from the Yutin Grottos or caves.

DS China Reeds 06

I also received a postcard showcasing a famous Chinese Painter named Wang Shimin.

DS China Reeds 03

As I like temples so much she sent me a postcard showing the Tower of Buddhist Incense which is part of the Summer Palace in Beijing.

DS China Reeds 02

The next postcard is definitely one of my favorites – it shows a Vintage Calender Picture.

DS China Reeds 01

And last but not least my special postcard showing the waterways in South China. I love this shape of bridge πŸ™‚

DS China Reeds 05

I also received a direct swap from Nadia living in the Ukraine. The postcard shows the Khotyn Fortress.

DS Ukraine Nadia

My final postcard came from Klara in the Ukraine. It shows tourist attractions from Ostrava – specifically the New Town Hall, a closed coal mine and Ostrava castle.

DS Czech Klara

Postcards seem to have slow down a bit … here is holding thumbs it picks up soon πŸ™‚

I got my son to start using a blog too – so if you want to have a look …

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Postcards keep falling on my head …

And that is literally whats happening πŸ™‚ I received 5 more postcards today – and when I went to put them with the others all my postcards fell out – and onto my head. I am however still left with a huge smile – receiving postcards is the best feeling EVER !!!

So starting at random – India. My first postcard arrived from India today. India has almost 8 000 members out of a population of 1 billion. I sent a postcard through postcrossing to Archana Mehta – and she was nice enough to send me one back πŸ™‚ The postcard shows to famous temples and it is stunningly beautiful – the intricate designs is breathtaking.

India Archana Mehta

Next up I received an envelope through postcrossing from Finland – and what a surprise when I opened it – it contained an old postcard depicting a scene from a movie – it just became one of my favorites for being so freaky πŸ™‚


Niduska – my new favorite postcrosser πŸ™‚ –Β Β also sent two recipes Β – when I have translated it I will tell you what it is for :). Β And a saying that I just have to share with you: “No matter how good you are to a goat it will still eat your yams” I thought that was so fumy and so true πŸ™‚

FI-1963547 picture

From Russia I received a card through postcrossing from Anastasiya showing a night view of the city Moscow. This card also made it onto my favorites list πŸ™‚


From China (Shangai again :)) and through postcrossing I received a xmas card from postcrosser Eqing. This was an interesting card as it is from UK Now but was sent from China – I like it πŸ™‚


Lastly we are back on Germany and I had a direct swap with a lady named Dagmar. The postcard shows a frozen tree and the pure image will be one of my favorites for ever …

DS Germany Dagmar

With a start like this things can only get better πŸ™‚ I can not wait for my cards to arrive so I can send more and get more back ! It is January the 6th and I have had 7 postcards – NICE!

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